Why choose Go! Go! Hanguk

  • Actual Korean University Courses

    Go! Go! Hanguk partners with Korea's best universities and brings their Korean language curriculums straight to your desktop. The courses are taught by experienced and certified Korean teachers, with a proven curriculum, delivered to thousands of foreign students.

  • Quality at your own pace

    The courses are created to have the same benefits as studying in a classroom - without the hassle of commuting or freeing up your schedule! They include audio & video content, worksheets, and various opportunities to practice Korean in your own time and even talk to the instructors!

  • Official certificate

    At the end of each course, you will be awarded a certificate from the individual university. If you are planning on studying in Korea in person in the future, this can serve as proof of your abilities!

Hanyang University Beginner Course

10-week beginner course

If you are looking to gain a solid foundation of the Korean language from 0, this is the right course for you! The curriculum follows their actual 10-week on-campus Korean beginner course with audio and video files, homework, pronunciation correction and more, which you can flexibly take in your own time.

Talk talk talk! with Dongguk University

Conversation-focused beginner course

For those who want to learn Korean in a more casual, directly applicable manner, we have teamed up with Dongguk University, one of Seoul's best known universities to bring you a conversation-based course that also covers a lot of interesting Korean culture aspects!

Want to study in Korea instead?

We partner with Korea's best universities and help you every step of the way - for free!